How Casino Parties Work

A Casino Event of Seattle Casino parties have the look and feel of a real Las Vegas casino! But…, your guests don’t use, and don’t lose, real money. It’s all for fun, although playing for prizes can make the games even more exciting.

As your guests arrive you give them ACE play money, usually $500. One to a guest, please. The play money is exchanged for casino chips at any gaming table. The values of the various colored chips are displayed at the tables.

Playing for prizes makes the gaming more exciting for your guests. You can simply provide prizes for the top three, five or pick a number of the top winners. At the end of gaming, dealers “cash out” players chips. The lead dealer will provide you names and amounts of the top winners. We can help announce winners, if you like.

Another popular way to handle prizes is to play for raffle tickets (provided by ACE). When “cashing out” everyone gets one raffle ticket, even if they’ve lost all their chips. Additional raffle tickets are given out for each $500 of winnings. The number of tickets any guest can receive is capped at eight.
A casino party is the most cost-effective, interactive entertainment available. Everyone gets a chance to be involved and a chance to win one of the prizes you supply.

So, to set the fun in motion, click the Request a Quote button or give us a call at 253-218-7830. We’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with a detailed quote or multiple options for your party, event or fundraiser.